Dadi Packing is a enterprise specializing in developing and producing FIBC, Aluminium Foil Inner Bag products;
       Importing a full set of European brand FIBC production line as well as independent  innovation of Aluminium Foil  Bag molding production line;
       Focusing on technology development of FIBC, wi......【Detailed
Capacity:FIBCs 2 million + Aluminium Foil Inner Bag 0.8 million +Sling Bag 0.5 million
Quality:Type-testing +Performance testing+ In-line inspection 100%
Service: Great experience in the FIBCs Industry over 10 Years[Detailed]
    the leading production facilities and all necessary as well as state-of-the-art equipment that guarantee the best quality of products
    promote "zero defect" and ...     more...

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Contact person: Weiping Zhu

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